Wondering If I Should Hit “Send”

We were once the moon and stars. I know you won’t forget it. And neither will I.
But sometimes the light fades from those stars over time and disappears. It stops reflecting off of that moon and lighting us up after shining so strong for so long.
And don’t think that those stars do not exist anymore, they are still matter, still objects, still there. They have just somehow lost their power and fire.
It happens. It’s life.
I will never forget the love that was bursting out of my seams for you, the memories, the feelings. They are all so vivid to me still.
But we can’t change things, I just wish you or I didn’t have so many demons, I wish they never consumed our love. You once had my entire heart and I will never regret that. I can never regret something so special to me, now matter how it ended. I will always love you.